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Monyo Project

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The band „Monyo Project” was founded by guitarist and composer Monyo in 1999, Odorheiu-Secuiesc. In the same year the album „Monyo Freedom” was released. It was the first instrumental album released in Transylvania. The guest star of the debuting concert was Rudolf János Tóth, former member of Hobo Blues Band. Meanwhile, Monyo has graduated from „Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió”. He specialized in playing the guitar. In 2002, the band has found it’s female vocalist: Baba. At that time, Baba was learning at the Drama University in Targu-Mures. After joining the band, she decided to apply to „Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió” and do a specialized qualification in vocals. Baba has become a scolarship holder, so the band changed it’s seat to Budapest. In the same year, Monyo and Baba won first prize on the National Songwriting Contest. Between 2002 and 2008, the band performed in almost every club in Budapest, including: „Gödör”, „After Music Club”, „Menta Terasz”, „Avalonban”, „B4 Club”, „Vadvirág”, „Kek-, Vörös,-Fekete Lyuk.” This has been a rough practicing period in the career of the band. The other members of were also students from „Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió.” After a hard working and experimental period, in 2007 their first vocal containing album was released. It was called „Szlogenek, Szlengek, Vakerok.”. „Dextramedia” produced this album, and it was released in Budapest. The title song was played in several transylvanian radios, such as: „Pont Fm”, „Lánchíd Rádió”, „Star Radio”, „Prima Radio”, „Kolozsvári Rádió”, „Marosvásárhelyi Rádió”. In 2008, Monyo founded a jazz band with István Fekete - professor at „Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió”, Barat Béla – drummer of the band „Honvéd” from Budapest, and Zsolt Horváth – the keyboard player of „Deák Bill Blues Band”. The result of the common jamming was the first Jazz MP album: „Cold”, released in Buapest. In 2008, another instrumental Monyo Project album was released, it was called „Freedom.” In 2009, two Monyo Project albums were released: „Blues Balkán” and „Chill Out Yoga” in Budapest, supported by Artisjus Association. In 2010 Monyo Project has released their genre-founding album called „Cold Rock”. They have developed a new, cold, experimental sound which also had it’s effect on their posterior creations. Many transylvanian and hungarian radios played several songs from „Cold Rock”. These songs were: „Running”, „Kiss the Sun”, „White Silence” and „Just You.” The album was also supported by Artisjus Association. In the same year, the band „Monyo Project” won the scolarship for creators by Foundation „Communitas”.

In 2010, the band „Jazz MP” released a new album called „In Odd Shoes.”

In 2011 Monyo and Baba have founded a new band called: „Minimal Cold.” In the same year, „Minimal Cold” won the title – „One of the best romanian bands”. Because of this they could perform in front of a greater public. Also in 2010, Monyo performed with „Erdélyi Filharmónia” in the demonstration of „Pauzza Sinfonietta” by Sabin.

In 2011, a new Monyo Project album was released, called „Sex and Drugs and Cold Rock”. This has become a milestone in the career of the band, because the Hungary’s greatest musical publisher: „Magneoton” offered a contract for the band because of their new album. „Monyo Project” is the first band from Transylvania which has achieved this without participating on any kind of talent shows.

The band „Monyo Project” and „Magneoton” have made a contract in 2012. They have released three singles produced by „Magneoton”: „UUU”, „Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”, and „U2”. All of them can be heard in hungarian radios, especially in „Petőfi Rádió”, the most popular and trend-forming radio of Hungary with a really high standard. The song „Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” became number 6. in „Petőfi Rádió” ’s Top 30, which can be considered a great success. As a journalist from Odorheiu-Secuiesc said: „Odorheiu-Secuiesc is mentioned related to Monyo Project in the commercial radios.”

A videoclip was also released for the song „UUU”, thanks to „Magneoton”.

Songs by „Monyo Project”, „Minimal Cold” and „Jazz MP” served as themes for many artistic movies and short films.

The band „Monyo Project” performed in the show „Acadeaua” on TVR2, which is a romanian chanel. Another romanian chanel, Antena 3 has also invited the band in their show „Rai da Buni”.

In 2012, the first Minimal Cold album was released. It was called „Fair Play”.

In 2013, the band „Monyo Project” won the vocational surcharge of Transylvanian Music Awards.

The band has performed at many festivals, including: Félsziget–Peninsula, „EFOTT, Vekeri Fesztivál. They also performed abroad: in Milano, London, Genf and Paris.

Monyo and Baba, as composers, are also members of Artisjus Association.