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Steeped in the tradition of Czech musical lyricism, flexibility and spontaneity, Michaela Hrabánková is a versatile soloist and chamber musician, passionate about standard repertoire as well as contemporary works. Born in Prague, she currently resides in Paris, where she has played in the woodwind quintet Le Concert Impromptu since 2010.

Hrabánková has performed in chamber music concerts and festivals in many countries of the world. She has played in more than 20 festivals in France alone, including the classical music festivals Festival de la Chaise-Dieu, the Hector Berlioz festival in La Côte Saint-André, Sons d’Automne in Annecy, the Arromanche festival and the Musique dans la Rue in Aix-en Provence, as well as contemporary music festivals such as the Extension festival, Festival Excentrique and Rock en Seine. She also played on the radio show Mardi Ideal, organized and recorded by Radio France.

In Germany, she has performed in the Rheingau Music Festival (among the biggest classical music festivals in the country), at the BMW-BR Weltmusikfestival in Munich (recorded by Bayerischer Rundfunk radio) and at the International Kammermusik Akademie in Nordhorn. In Kosovo, she played at the international Flute Sound festival in Prishtina, while in her native Czech Republic, her projects included the Young Prague festival as well as performances with Konvergence and Early Reflections, two groups of contemporary composers based in Prague. She has also performed in concerts recorded by the Czech national public radio station, Český Rozhlas.


For the past three years, she has played with Le Concert Impromptu, a chamber music group supported by the French Ministry of Culture. Le Concert Impromptu is known for its original projects in contemporary music and for its unique musical performances. Its most recent show, called "Allemagne-Bresil," which elegantly kicked around the question of how a football game might be similar to a music concert, was acclaimed by the public, and got strong reviews from French magazines Telerama and L’Equipe.

Le Concert Impromptu was also invited to work with the French string quartet Quartuor Debussy, and in 2011 recorded a CD of French music, called "La Musique Francaise."

In 2001, Hrabánková took second prize in the Concertino Praga radio competition, and as a result was invited by the European Music Competition for Youth to join a concert tour of Europe.

She also toured, as a soloist, in 2006 through Germany and Turkey, accompanied by the orchestra of the Baden Conservatory, and received high praise in the press, most notably from the newspaper the Badische Neueste Nachrichten, which wrote, "Michaela managed with unusual elegance to achieve amazing results with her masterful and brilliant play."
In 2011, Hrabánková played as a soloist with the Czech orchestra Smetana Philharmoniker Prag in Germany, conducted by Hans Richter (former assistant to Herbert von Karajan) in a performance of a concerto for oboe and symphony orchestra by Hungarian composer Frigyes Hidas.

Hrabánková likes to explore new musical ideas by working with contemporary composers and employing new instrumental techniques.
In addition to her work in Prague with Konvergence and Early Reflections, she inspired young Czech composer Jan Rybář to write a concerto for oboe and small orchestra dedicated to her in 2011, and in 2012 she recorded the concerto -- a Concerto for Oboe and Six Instruments -- for Czech national public radio.
In Paris, she has worked with composers from the Institute for Music/Acoustic Research & Coordination (IRCAM) including Diana Soh, Sébastien Béranger, Bernard de Vienne and Thierry Blondeau.

Teaching is also a very important part of Hrabánková's life as a musician. In her classes, she loves to share her musical experience, and regularly gives master classes and runs workshops in the Pole Superieur de Bretagne, where she specializes in contemporary techniques. In the Czech Republic, she is regularly invited to give master classes on French music interpretation. Hrabánková is currently teaching classes at the chamber music academy at the Conservatoire d'Ivry-sur-Seine.

Hrabánková's musical education began in Prague, where she was taught to play the oboe by Professor Josef Vacek, a soloist at Prague's National Theatre, while studying music at the Jana Nerudy prep school. She later continued her training with Professor F.X. Thuri at the Prague Conservatory.

Hrabánková left Prague and resumed her studies in Germany at the University of Music in Karlsruhe, under the guidance of Professor Thomas Indermuehle, where she earned a degree in arts in 2010. She made also an Erasmus Exchange in Paris, where she studied with Jacques Tys at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance, and from 2007 to 2010, she held an Alvaro Gomez Music Foundation scholarship.
Michaela Hrabankova plays instruments " Lorée ", she is s supported by " koje REEDS ."