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My name is Zsolt “Asterix” ASZTALOS, I am drummer&percussionist. I was born in Targu Mures, Transsylvania, Romania, on 25 august 1974. I started to play drums at the age of 14, my first idols from the world of drumming were: John “Bonzo” Bonham, Ian Paice, Nicko Mc Brain, Billy Cobham. My favourite drummer is Steve Gadd. I have performed in a wide variety of musical settings, from ballroom, weddings, pubs, cafes and restaurants, partys (I have play for companies like:IBM, Siemens, Rank Xerox, Avon, Fa, Kaiser, Efes Pilsener, Lucky Strike, Ford, Chevrolet, Opel, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Novotel Hotel Bucharest, Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest, etc…) Some of the bands that i played during my highschool period include: VIGILATE(Christian pop), ROLLER(Rhythm and blues), NONSENSE (Heavy-Trash). The year 1998 was a major turning point in my career: I started to play percussion, it also marked the beginning of my career as a professional musician.

Highlights of my career:
-1990-VIGILATE-religious event, I performed in front of couple thousand people, near by Miercurea Ciuc, Romania.
-1991-ROLLER- National Gathering of Student Bands, Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania-Best Drummer Prize.
-1994-I worked with director VICTOR IOAN FRUNZA (Tom Paine).
-1998-[percussion]- WEINBERGER BLUES MACHINE- A.G. Weinberger, the most important Romanian blues guitar player, singer, composer.We have play at the US Embassy(4th July Party), at The Cotroceni Palace, on numerous TV appearances, at national TV stations.
-1998-I have performed on A.G.Weinberger’s third album, Transylvania Avenue, recorded at Yellow Studio, Budapest, Hungary.
-2000-[percussion]- GUADALQUIVIR FLAMENCO GROUP-International Guitar Festival, Szeged, Hungary;-BNV(Budapest International Fair).
-2002-OLD FUNK SHOP-Showexpo 2002, Budapest, Hungary.
-2003-2006- Hardcore band ICORY- in 2005, we won the first prize on following rock festivals:- Top T Buzau, Romania;-Maximum Rock, Cluj, Romania;-Rock Nights, Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania. We have play on prestigious Romanian festivals like: Stuffstock, Vama Veche, Romania; Peninsula(Felsziget) Festival, Targu Mures, Romania; Rock La Mures Festival, Periam, Romania.
-2003-2008-The FINGERPICKERS-We won the trophy of the “Om Bun”(Good Man) Folk Festival, in Bucharest, Romania( 2003 ).
-2003-2010-progressive-ethno group ZAKUSCA.We have play at Peninsula(Felsziget) Festival, in Targu Mures, Romania in 2007, 2008 and 2009. We have performed at numerous festivals in Hungary(Budapest, Debrecen, Pecs, Kapuvar, Taliandorogd).We have performed in Bucuresti, Targu Mures, Sfantu Gheorghe, Baia Mare, Gheorgheni, Targoviste.
-2004-2008-funk band SLANG, which I have win the 1st prize of the Golden Stagg International Song Contest 2004, in Brasov, Romania, (broadcasted by TVR, the Romanian national television for millions of wiewers in Romania and worldwide. We have recorded two videos( Vreau- I want and Lenea-Lazyness) and a selftitled album in 2005.We have performed at every major Romanian TV station, as special guests at The Golden Stagg 2005, in Brasov, Romania(opening act for Natalie Imbruglia), at Peninsula Festival 2005, 2006 in Targu Mures; Rosia Montana 2005; Stuffstock 2005, Vama Veche, Romania;-we have performed at the European Parlament, in Bruxelles, Belgium in 2008.
-2005-2007-Pop-rock artist EMANUEL. Mamaia Festival 2005, with The Romanian Radio Orchestra, Mamaia, Romania; Callatis Festival 2005, Mangalia, Romania;Novotel Hotel, Bucharest, Romania; “Floare de Mai”( May Flower) video
-2005;we have performed at every major Romanian TV station.
-2006-Pop artist LUMINITA ANGHEL-Callatis 2006, Mangalia, Romania.
-2006-[percussion]- The WRIGHT THING BAND, from Germany, conducted by Jason Wright, ( UK)(The Globus Circus, Bucharest; Bamboo Club, Bucharest).
-2006-2007-Pop artist NICOLA-Callatis Festival 2007, Mangalia, Romania.
-2007-Pop artist PAULA SELING.
-2007-[percussion]- Pop artist BRAD VEE JOHNSON, former member of Boney M.
-2007-2009-The TALE Of RHYTHM: percussion-show with drummer and percussionist LASZLO HANA. We have perform at Dob-Ban Drum Festival, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania in 2007.
-2006-2009-Blues-rock band TABASSCO-Peninsula Festival 2008, 2009-Targu Mures, Romania;Hard Rock Café Bucharest, 2008; Grand Resort Lagonissi, Lagonissi, Greece, 2008. Video for the song “Purple”.
-2006-2008-GOOD TIMES BAND-we have play in Stuttgart(Germany), Fuzesgyarmat(Hungary), Targu Mures and Timisoara(Romania).
-2005-2008-I have record drums and percussion for many puppet shows, theater-acts for childrens, with pianist and songwriter EUSEBIO ZENO APOSTOLACHE.
-2008-I have play drums and percussion in the romanian adaptation of the Richard O’Brian’s ROCKY HORROR SHOW, directed by Alexander Hausvater.
-2008-OVI JACOBSEN( OVI Featuring TABASSCO- Roumanian Tour). We have performed at Hard Rock Café and Becker Brau Club in Bucharest.
-2008-2009-[percussion]- RITMO DEL FLAMENCO, we have performed at Peninsula(Felsziget) Festival, in 2008 and 2009.
-2008-Latin-pop artist ANALIA
-2008-Pop-rock artist CATALIN JOSAN, winner of the Romanian Megastar contest in 2008.
-2009-[percussion]- IN LINE –one of the most important Hungarian fusion-jazz band. They worked and perform with Paco Sery, Alex Acuna, Dave Samuels, Russel Ferrante, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Dean Brown, Andy Narell, Tony Lakatos, Jorge Bezzera, Bernard Maseli.
-2009-[percussion]- El TRIJO FLAMENCO- with singer and dancer REKA FODOR, and guitarist ALMOS GASPAR.
-2009-[percussion]- Flamenco guitarist ANDRÁS VARGA.
-2009-CARIBEAT latin band
-2009-2010- ÖRS DARABONT Quartet- we have won the Student Jazz Festival in Targu Mures (2010).
-2009-2010-[percussion]- FLAMENCO PASION-with singer and dancer RÉKA FODOR, guitarist ÁLMOS GÁSPÁR and dancer and percussionist LUCAS MOLINA. We have play in Bucharest, Sfantu Gheorghe, Miercurea Ciuc
-2009-[percussion]- Flamenco and Bellydance workshops with dancers LUCAS MOLINA(Argentina) and NAJLAA(Brasil), singer and dancer RÉKA FODOR and guitarist ÁLMOS GÁSPÁR.
-2009-2010- Fusion-world music band JEDAM- we have play in Sfantu Gheorghe, Miercurea Ciuc, Oradea; in Budapest and Palkonya ( Hungary).
-2010- CSABY Jakab – Bachtalo Shavo ( Lucky Guy) video.
-2010- HOBO (László Földes)- he is one of the most important bluesman in Hungary.
-2010- Antal “ TÓNI” PUSZTAI- classical and jazz guitarist (Wien, Austria).

- he is a PAISTE cymbals endorser since 2006.