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Sergiu Hudrea was born in Cluj-Napoca on 21st of March 1997 and began studying guitar at age 7, with ?tefan Trifan. Being only eight years old, Sergiu makes his first appearance on the classical guitar festivals stages, obtaining his firsts awards: Special Prize of Romanian Guitar Foundation in “Eduard Pamfil” International Festival of Young Guitarists, Second Prize of Classical Guitar Competition – Alba-Iulia and Third Prize of Guitar Festival - Cluj Napoca. Those were only the first in a large collection of over 40 prizes, in the same number of competitions. Today, being one of the most distinguished pupils in Romania, Sergiu's record includes 43 awards, among which there are 21 first prizes in international competitions, including First Prize at Guitar Art Festival in Belgrade (Serbia), Guitar Competition Julian Arcas in Almeria (Spain), and also the first prizes of the most important classical guitar competitions from Romania: the National Music Olympics, TRANSILVANIA Guitar Festival, Harmonia Cordis Guitar Festival and Guitar Festival Sinaia. He attended the master classes of world renowned professors and performers like: Pepe Romero, Alfred Eicholt, Judicael Perroy, Gerhardt Reichenbach, Susana Prieto, Alexis Muzurakis, Dale Kavanagh, Thomas Khirchhoff, Roberto Fabri, Marco Feri, Stanley Yates, Giampaolo Bandini, Gabriel Bianco, Ulrich Muller, Mir Ali, Claire Stancu Delerue etc. Sergiu Hudrea is member of TRANSILVANIA Guitar Association since 2006.