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You WU

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You Wu was born in 1993 in Lishu, China, where he began to study guitar under his father tutelage at the age of 8.  Later he studied guitar with prof. Danny Yeh in the Middle Music School affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In the year of 2012 he graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and at the same time, he was accepted by the guitar program in University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna where he studies with Prof. Alvaro Pierri until now.

You Wu has won numerous guitar competitions with his extraordinary music talent and excellent technique. Japanese guitarist Shinichi Fukuda consider You Wu as the Lang Lang in the guitar world.

You Wu had concerts throughout Asia and Europe, he was invited to give solo concerts in Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Balaton, Mikulov, Bratislava, Bankok, Thailand Tokyo, and numerous other places. In April 2018, he made his debut in Musikverein in Vienna. Besides solo concerts, he also performs chamber music with renowned string quartet and orchestra. Switzerland Thyll Durr Foundation has reward scholarship to You Wu since 2015.


2006 – First prize – Liaoning Guitar National Guitar Competition
2006 – Second prize – Singapore Internatitonal Guitar Competition
2008 – “Best Student” in Shonai Internatitional Guitar Festival Japan
2009 – First prize – Shanghai National Guitar Competition
2009 – First prize – Kyushu Internatitional Guitar Competition
2009 – First prize – Thailand Internatitional Guitar Competition
2012 – First prize – Shenyang National Guitar Competition
2011 – First prize – Tianjin National Gutiar Competition
2013 – Second prize – Kutna Hora Internatitional Biennial Guitar Competition
2013 – Third prize – ‘Ciudad de Coria’ International Guitar Competition
2013 – Third prize (No second prize) – Tokyo International Guitar Competition
2014 – Second prize – Changsha International Guitar Competition
2014 – First prize – Shenyang International Guitar Competition
2017 – First prize – LiGita International Guitar Competition
2017 – First prize – Forum Gitarre Wien
2018 – Second prize – Zagreb Guitar Competition Category VI
2018 – Second prize – Ciudad de Coria International Guitar Competition
2018 – Second prize – Casino Austria Rising Star Award