If you are bored, you can play on our guitar...

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...or you can tune your guitar...

...or just listen to our metronome.

To use the free online metronome below presented by Metronomer.com, just select the BPM by tapping your tempo in ( with the 't' key, or by clicking the TAP button with your mouse), selecting and typing in your tempo (ex, 120), or adjust using '+' & '-' buttons.

Adjust the Time Signature and Sound Type using '+' & '-' buttons. Start/Stop the audio playback by clicking the Start/Stop button or by pressing the 'Space' key.

You can also download a track! Just set the length of the .mp3 track you wish to create in BEATS (the length in minutes will update below). Set the length by selecting and typing in your # of beats (ex, 610), or adjust using '+' & '-' buttons. Click 'Download'. Enjoy!

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