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PUŞCAŞ Pavel has studied the Musicology in the Music Academy Cluj-Napoca, Romania [1974-1978] and Weimar (RDA) 1977-78. Has bean teacher of theoretical disciplines (Harmony, Counterpoint, and Musical Forms) in the Music Lyceum in Deva, then Târgu-Mureş [1978-1982]. Head of the Musical and Art Library in Târgu-Mureş [1982-1990].

From 1990 he has bean received in the professorial staff of Music Academy Cluj-Napoca as lecturer [1990], reader (1994), professor (2004). Doctor in Musicology (domain: Stylistics-1997), and Head of the Musicology chair. Teacher of Musicology, Music Aesthetics, Stylistics and Musical Forms. Has has also teach Aesthetics in the Faculty of Philosophy, Academy of Fine Arts and Faculty of Philology in Cluj. Stages of professional formation in USA (RIPM) and Germany (RISM). Member of UCMR (Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania), and expert of CNCSIS in the Education Ministry.

He has wrote papers on Musicology, Stylistics, Music Aesthetics and Acoustics presented in national conferences (Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara) and abroad, Bergen (Norway), Budapest (Hungary), Athens, Salonic, (Greece), Frankfurt (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania) etc. Has published Dynamic of Stylistic Configuration, and Mathematical Inferences in the Music Aesthetics; also dozen of papers in collective volumes.

Special interests in (alphabetically): Acoustics, Culture Philosophy, Mathematics, Rhetoric, Semiotics and Systematic Musicology.