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ROTH Ede is considered to be one of the most significant teachers on the Hungarian guitar scene. He was born in Budapest in 1948, where he attended the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, graduating in 1971. Thereafter he gave many concerts as a member of various chamber ensembles. He currently teaches at the Egressy Béni College of Music in Budapest and is an adjunct at the Széchenyi College of Music in Győr . He has been the founder and artistic director of the Fertőd Convention and Advanced Studies Program for guitar teachers. He has founded the guitar series „Guitar Music in Óbuda”, which is the most important regular guitar event in Budapest. His students have won numerous prestigious Hungarian and European music competitions. He has held master classes several European countries, and his transcriptions for the guitar have been published by many Hungarian music publishers. He is holding a master class for guitarists on the Festival.