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Trio Cavalcade

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It was in 2011 that Mathias Duplessy, a self-taught musician who has been composing on his guitar since the age of 6, met Jérémy Jouve, who very quickly became the ambassador of his pieces for guitar, now played by greatest international soloists. The idea of the Trio Cavalcade was born after the recording of the eponymous album in which Jérémy Jouve plays all the works for classical guitar by Mathias Duplessy. The two guitarists then plan to play together in order to weave a bridge between classical music and world music, which they achieve by calling on the percussionist Stéphane Édouard, who has accompanied great names in music (Michel Jonasz, Maurane, Ibrahim Maalouf, Bojan Z…).

Surrounded by Jérémy Jouve on guitar and Stéphane Édouard on tablas, Mathias Duplessy, sometimes on guitar, vocals, morin khour (Mongolian cello) and flute, this time offers a cosmopolitan concert where solos, duos and trios will follow one another, always in a festive spirit. The elegance and virtuosity of Jérémy Jouve’s classical playing will feed the strength of Mathias Duplessy’s flamenco playing and the rhythmic energy of Stéphane Édouard.

Giving pride of place to improvisation, Mathias Duplessy’s pieces are nourished by music from Spain, Brazil, India and composers such as Ravel and Gismonti.