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Born in Istanbul in 1979. In 1997 he won a four-year scholarship at İstanbul Bilgi University Music (Composition) Department. In 2001 he graduated with a First Class Honours from the music Department. In October 2004, upon the invitation of David “FUZE” Fiuczynski, he held a workshop at the Berklee College of Music on fretless guitar and modes in Turkish music.  In 2008 he recorded his first album “İLE”, which was produced by Sinan Sakızlı within Baykuş Music. The same year, with “Aria” soundtrack company, he composed and arranged the soundtrack for the movie “Issız Adam”, which is written and directed by Çağan Irmak, and he won Yeşilçam “Soundtrack of the Year 2009” prize. In 2009 Cenk Erdoğan Trio feat. Tineke Postma played in the 16th İstanbul Jazz Festival and 19th Akbank Jazz festival. The same year, he played with Yinon Muallem ensemble in “Karawane 2009” festival, organized in Bochum. In 2010 he played in “Turkophony all stars” band with Trilok Gurtu and Doninique di Piazza. In 2011 he played in “Turkophony all stars” band with Dave Weckl, Kai Eckhardt, Eric levy. In 2011 he records his second album “Kavis” (Arc) in San Francisco with legendary bass player Kai Eckhardth and Jason Lewis and this album sponsored by producer Ron Scudder and released by the Berkeley Jazz School Records. In 2014 he made the first educational web site for fretless guitar playing and start to teach Turkish way of playing fretless guitar, playing techniques. In 2014 he released his last record “Kara Kutu” which was played solo with all acoustic guitars (fretless and fretted).  In 2015 he won the competition which was arrange by “Vestel” company. And compose the ringtones and soundscapes for the very first smart phone “VENÜS” made by Vestel Company. In 2016 he joined the “Rachmaninov Anatolian Project” which was played by Guldiyar Tanridağlı (pn) and Ertan Tekin (duduk). This album released from KALAN music. In 2016 He conducts the diva of Turkish pop music “Sezen Aksu”s latest project “Sezenli Yıllar”. On this project he worked as a musical director and he corparate with producers Mustafa Oğuz,Cüneyt Özdemir and choreographer Zeynep Tanbay. In 2017 He released the new project called “Lahza” with Swedish drummer İkizç. In 2018 He released his new album called “Fermata“. In 2018 – 2019 He’s started a world tour in Europe – USA – Canada under the name of “International Guitar Night” project with 3 other guitar players Antoine Boyer (France) Samuelito (France) Luca Stricaglioni (Italy). He still works as a producer, composer and arranges music for television series and soundtracks and gives concerts with Cenk Erdoğan Trio and also “Solo”.