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Nino D'Amico (EUROSTRINGS ARTIST 2019/2020), was born in Ottaviano (Naples) on the 6th of May 1997, was graduated in Enogastronomic and began studying classical at the age of 12 directed by his father. Later, for more than 5 years had been followed by Prof. Marco Caiazza, known for his studies on the virtuoso technique for guitar, and was admitted to the Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples (2013), where he became part of the class of Prof. Vincenzo Amabile. Nino has undertaken his first chamber music workshop held by the Professors Sergio and Dora Cantella in 2013. In April 2014 he took part in his first masterclass, with the Cuban composer, guitarist and conductor LEO BROUWER, and later, after a great period of study, he had the opportunity to attend various other masterclasses held by renowned Masters, such as Marco Caiazza, Giulio Tampalini, Frédéric Zigante, Aniello Desiderio, Andrea De Vitis, Antonio Rugolo, Gabriel Bianco, Peter Graneis, David Pavlovits, Csaki Andras, Giran Peter. For several years he attended the guitar seminar of the Castellaneta Civic School (Taranto) with Prof. Frédéric Zigante and Antonio Rugolo. On April the 1st, 2019, he obtained the Bachelor Diploma, with the highest marks and praise. In the same year he attended the Masterclasses held at the Stefano Strata under the guidance of M° Aniello Desiderio, who awarded him the "Roberto Borghini" scholarship as the best student of the course. In November 2019 he will access the biennium under the guidance of M° Aniello Desiderio.

On May the 28th 2019, Nino is winner of the EUROSTRINGS Scholarship that gave him the opportunity to partecipate in the INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL Harmonia Cordis (ROMANIA / Targu Mures) as part of the Competition and the MasterClass. Subsequently he gains access to the finals (ROMANIA) and with immense gratitude he wins the FIRST PRIZE at the prestigious international competition by redeeming the EUROSTRINGS ARTIST 2019/2020 plate and winning a fabulous guitar worth € 5,000 by the guitar maker Vasilis Sigletos. Through interviews and performances, Nino starts the EUROSTRINGS experience by touring Europe competing with guitarists from all over the classical world.

His guitar/concert career began in 2014, with his performance in many competitions:
• Participates in the first national competition "Giovani Promesse" Città di Acerra (NA), achieving the 3rd Prize Ex-Equo, after only 6 months of study;
• obtains the 3rd Award in the Acerra Guitar Meetings;
• 3rd Prize at the international Bor Guitar competition, July 2019;
• winner of the 2nd Prize at the NapoliNova National Competition;
• 2nd Prize at the international competition of Acerra Guitar Meetings in 2018;
• 2nd Prize at the National EduGuitar Program 2019 guitar competition;
• wins 1st Prize at the NapoliNova national competition, 2014;
• won the 1st Prize at the XXI National Competition "Giulio Rospigliosi" of Lamporecchio;
• 1st Prize at the 10th national competition "La Chitarra Volante" (Rome);
• first prize at the VI international festival of the Adriatic;
• 1st Prize EduGuitar Competition;
• won the 1st Absolute Prize at the XXII international competition "Young Guitarists" city of Mottola in 2016;
• is 1st Absolute Prize at the V European contest "Jacopo Napoli";
• 1st Absolute Prize in the "Media Musicale" competition;
• follows the 1st Absolute Prize at the 10th national competition "Mirabello in musica";
• won the 1st Absolute Prize at the XXVIII international competition for young musicians "Città di Barletta";
• is 1st Absolute Prize (100/100) at the 1st edition of the "Franco Di Franco" competition, Positano;
• 1st Prize for the category with no age limit at the international competition for musical performances in the city of Baronissi (Sa);
• is 1st Prize for the category Up to 25 years of age within the XI Mirabello in Musica national music competition.
• Gets the Special Prize at the International Paganini Guitar Festival competition as Best Interpretation of a piece by Paganini (category with no age limit) in Parma, May 2019;
• 1st INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL Award Harmonia Cordis in TARGU MURES (Romania).

During his artistic maturity, he reveals a great musical affinity for Agustín Pío Barrios Mangoré, whose compositions he performs great guitar interpretations, as well as for other composers, such as: Giulio Regondi, Mauro Giuliani, Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoléon Coste, Domenico Scarlatti, Dionisio Aguado, Carlo Domeniconi, Johann Kaspar Mertz, Miguel Llobet, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Goya), Joaquín Rodrigo, Alexandre Tansman. He has played / is playing for some of the most prestigious national and international musical associations. He debuted at his first concert at the Auser Association "M. Giuliano" of Salerno in 2014, then he performed at "Sala Filangieri "at the State Archives of Naples, achieving the Diploma of Merit. Participates in multiple concerts throughout Italy obtained from the awards of the competitions.